Balancing foil with decor

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Decor adapted to suit the surface colour of the pattern. The patterns on offer are similar to the most popular veneers.
Ideal for the backs and insides of furniture.
Lacquer finish R4 on request.


balancing veneer films in the furniture industry. Replacement of the veneers in less visible parts of the product. Face and reverse for bookshelf back, cupboards, wardrobes etc.

Glue: PVA group,
The amount of glue: 40 - 100 g / m2.
Cold or hot press 2-16 kp / cm2
The maximum temperature of 170 ° C.
Type of lacquer water-based  - E1.


Good internal bonding and easy to cut.

Technical data:

Different colors
Weight 80 gr. / M2
E1 Formaldehyde
Reells width max. 1860mm.
Outside diameter  450 mm.
Sheets max. 1860 x 4200mm.
Sleeve 150mm.


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