Finish foils

Finish foils can have lacquer lavel used for hot and cold pressing and wrapping.

Available in different colors and shades.

We also offer a range of lacquer finishes, allowing us to achive both R2 and R4 as well as a stippled surface.



Wipeable, fade-resistant and dirt-repellent, resistant to moisture, chemical elements.



manufacture of kitchen and children's furniture, cabinets, bookshelves, etc..
Glue: PVA group,
The amount of glue: 40 - 100 g / m2.
Cold or hot press 2-16 kp / cm2
The maximum temperature  170 ° C.
Water-based  - E1 standart.


Technical specifications:

Different colors
The density of 60 - 160 g / m2.
E1 Formaldehyde Level
Reell width max. 1900mm.
Reel diameter of 450 mm.
Sheets max. 1900 x 4200mm.
Sleev 150mm.

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