Thin paper for steel industry. Paper for packing products.

We offer high-quality material weighing 17 g. / m2, made only from natural fibers.


Packing glass products, metal slabs or sheets of glass

Paper from 17 gr. / m2 are ideal for packing glass products, metal slabs or sheets of glass.
Our material with perfect structure does not leave scratches or  any other changes.

In the metallurgical industry it able to protect the metal plate between the various process steps, lays paper between the metal sheets. The aim of this work is to stress relief and protect surfaces from each other. It is imperative that the paper is chemically pure, has no flaws, does not cause corrosion.

Packing furniture.

Through to particular structure and composition of a chlorine-free, oure paper can be used for packaging more delicate products, such as boards with a high gloss.

Printing the instructions for the limited space.

With low density ideal for instructions for the medicine. At the same time it takes up very little space.

Industrial packaging.

Packaging ceramic components, aluminum or metal materials.

Deliveries in rolls or sheets on request.


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