The edges band come with treated or untreated surface and can be laminated to achive the desired thickness.
You can choose plain, stippled or printed with wood grain pattern.
Primer edge band is desin´gned for painting and available in standard, surface-treated and glue-primed versions.

Can be use as laminating base for high-quality edge bands and laminates for soft- and post-forming.


Edge band of plate products, furniture (including kitchen furniture), table tops, etc.

Glue: PVA group,
The amount of glue: 40 - 100 g / m2.
Cold, hot press 2-16 kp / cm2
Maximum temperature of 200 ° C.


easy to apply, good internal connection, exellent workability.

Technical specifications:

Different colors and shades
Thickness of 0.20 - 0.30 mm.
E1 Formaldehyde Level
Reels width of 14 - 3000 mm.
Reeld diameter of 450 mm.
Core 150mm.


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